Greenhouse horticulture increasingly important at the REO Auction

The Belgian REO Auction remains an important hub in the supply of fresh, locally grown, quality fruit and vegetables; offering a range of over 60 products in total. In 2018, 226,700 tonnes of fruit and vegetables were sold at the REO Auction, which resulted in a record turnover of EUR 185 million. The rise of greenhouse horticulture is noteworthy, as is the reconversion of the greenhouse horticulture in West Flanders to fruit vegetables that is continuing.

Four times more cucumbers
The REO Auction plays an increasingly important role in the trade in greenhouse horticultural produce, with tomatoes and cucumbers leading the way. Thanks to focussing on quality and service, the REO Auction and its cucumber growers are increasingly succeeding in making a difference with this product. In 2018, the REO Auction sold 38.7 million Belgian cucumbers, which is no less than a fourfold increase in the past ten years. That makes West Flanders the largest Belgian production region for cucumbers. This year, the REO Auction expects a similar supply to that of 2018.

Tomatoes at number one
With a supply of almost 40 million kg and a turnover of EUR 33.3 million, the tomato became the most important product at the REO Auction in 2018. Last year, tomatoes achieved 18% of the global annual turnover of the REO Auction. In 2019, the REO Auction expects to sell the tomatoes produced on 30 to 35 ha. A further increase in the acreage looks likely for 2020. When marketing its growing supply of tomatoes, the REO Auction continues to focus on product segmentation combined with creating added value. As a result, the REO Auction can actively better gear its supply of tomatoes to individual specific market requirements of each client group.

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Open air
With its rich palette of open-air vegetables and fairly even distribution of this produce throughout the four seasons, the REO Auction remains trendsetting in selling open-air vegetables for the fresh market, making it possible to purchase large quantities of open-air vegetables at the REO Auction all year round. With a supply of 54 million kg and a turnover of EUR 28.8 million, in 2018 leeks were the second most important product at the REO Auction, after tomatoes.

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