Belgian fruit and vegetables

Belgian fruit and vegetables

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The Flandria brand offers more than 60 different products with a volume of over 600,000 tons a year.


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259.535 tons

Tomatoes are the undisputed number one of the Belgian vegetable production. Leeks, carrots, Belgian endive, lettuce , sweet peppers, white cabbage and cucumbers are the other mainstays.

the Netherlands

Our neighbour the Netherlands is the biggest customer of Belgian pears, with an uptake of 15% of our export volume, followed by France (13%) and the United Kingdom (10%).

Belgian fruit


Responsibly Fresh - Goodness by nature

A more sustainable fruit and vegetable sector: Belgian cooperatives rise to the challenge

Sustainable development is a dynamic and very topical subject: it affects us today, tomorrow and also into the future. The cooperative fruit and vegetable sector, wants to further improve its sustainability.
VBT President, Rita Demaré rolled out the VBT’s renewed sustainability strategy on 7 February 2019 at the Fruit Logistica trade show in Berlin. The collective quality label Responsibly Fresh remains a way for people to identify fruit and vegetables which have been produced with a concern for sustainability. The new slogan ‘Goodness by nature’ emphasises the fact that the products, which are healthy by nature, are grown with the minimum impact on the environment.

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